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  • Student Examination Results are provided to the FOL Community Coordinator.


  • Students are selected


  • Scholarship Funds cover boarding and education expenses in larger town centres


Eligibility criteria


  • Demonstrated exceptional aptitude




  • Students remain enrolled in study


  • Maintain a full-time study load each semester


  • Satisfactory Academic Progress.



Timor-Leste has made great strides since years of conflict when nearly 85-90% of the education infrastructure was destroyed.


As a country that has just celebrated its tenth year of independence, the new leadership agrees that investing in human potential is essential to building a sustainable and prosperous future.


The country has recently completed an education strategy through 2030. The newly elected president, prime minister, minister of education and others all pledged to strengthen their efforts to mobilize internal resources to support education and look at what policies can be put into place to reach the most marginalized, achieve universal access, expand preschool coverage, and improve teacher training and overall learning outcomes across the education system.


When announcing Education First, the Secretary-General referred to creating a “bold big push” for education. Since then they have developed strong national plans and demonstrated their political commitment.



Timor Leste's proposed

Education Strategy for 2030

How can I educate a Child for Less than

$1 a Day ?

FoL sends Students to larger regional towns to extend their educational opportunities. At present school attendance is only in the mornings or afternoons until Students reach Year 8. This is in part because of the lack of qualified teachers and the limited number of classrooms available.


FoL has setup a Scholarship program enabling Luro Sub District students to attend nearby Technical Colleges and larger schools. In order to extend their levels of education and enable individuals to attend University. Agriculture schools cost $AUD 1000 per year per student and Technology schools cost $AUD 2000. NOTE: Prices fluctuate with exchange rates, and variations in government support for schools.


What can I do ?


By sponsoring (1) Student annually, you will enable them to extend their education opportunities and help alleviate poverty. 


What we offer is an opportunity to donate directly to selected institutions. 100% of your sponsorship benefits the Student. 


Because we are a grassroots organisation, every dollar you donate goes to where its needed. Not into administration costs.




Account Name

Friends of Luro Inc



012 712



Account Number 

4932 655 59











educate a child... set them up for LIFE

FOL  provides scholarships that reward academic achievement and equip students for a bright future through training and education. Education funding goes directly to the College following student commencement.



Scholarships are available annually for  future  students

Sponsor the education of a Child annually



you can make a change